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Mother's Day Rose Color Meaning

by Stefan Karatzas 18 Jun 2023

10 different color roses

Are you stuck trying to pick the perfect bouquet of roses for your mom (or loved one) this Mother's Day? You don't have to worry because we are here to help with your Mother's Day Flowers!

Roses have many meanings depending on the color, so let us show you what each rose color symbolizes. With our guide, you can easily find out which flowers best express your heartfelt emotions and appreciation for Mom!


Red Roses - The traditional symbol of love and romance

three red roses

There's a reason why red roses are the go-to gift for Valentine's Day and anniversaries flowers.

They have long been the traditional symbol of love and romance, and it's easy to see why. Their vibrant, crimson hue exudes passion and desire, while their velvety petals and sweet scent evoke warmth and affection.

Whether wooing a new flame or reaffirming your commitment to your significant other, a bouquet of red roses never fails to charm and impress. So next time you want to express your love and appreciation, let the classic beauty of red roses do the talking.


White Roses - Represent innocence, purity, and new beginnings

three white roses

Ah, the white rose. Such a classic and timeless beauty. They say that white represents innocence and purity, which certainly holds true for this delicate flower.

A bouquet of white roses can bring a sense of calm and hope, symbolizing new beginnings. Perhaps its color's simplicity makes it so alluring, or it's the way the soft petals seem to sway in the breeze effortlessly.

Whatever the reason, there's no denying the charm and elegance of a white rose. Why not choose this classic option to convey your most sincere sentiments when in doubt?


Pink Roses - Signify gratitude, appreciation, and grace

Pink roses, a symbol of gratitude, appreciation, and grace, have captured the hearts of many with their delicate beauty and sweet aroma.

As a versatile flower, it can be given as a gift for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings Flowers to simply saying thank you. Its soft pink hues convey a message of kindness and admiration that will surely bring a smile to anyone's face.

It's no wonder that pink roses are a popular choice for flower arrangements, adding a touch of charm and warmth to any room they are placed in. So why not brighten someone's day with these beautiful flowers? A simple gesture can go a long way in expressing your appreciation or affection for someone special.


Yellow Roses - Represent friendship and joy

yellow rose meaning for mother's day

Yellow roses are more than just beautiful flowers; they symbolize friendship and joy. These charming blooms are a great way to brighten someone's day and show them how much you appreciate their company.

Whether giving them to a close friend or simply enjoying them in your garden, yellow roses are a sweet reminder of the joy and happiness that comes with true friendship.

So go ahead and spread some cheer with these sunny blossoms – you never know how much someone might need a little extra joy in their day!


Orange Roses - Express enthusiasm, passion, and desire


Orange roses meaning


We often think of the classic red or delicate pink varieties when it comes to roses. But have you ever considered orange roses?

These stunning blooms are full of personality and meaning. Orange roses are the perfect way to express enthusiasm, passion, and desire. They're a bold and vibrant choice that will catch the eye and heart of your special someone.

Whether sending a bouquet to a loved one or adorning your garden, these charming and friendly flowers are a must-have. So why not add a pop of orange to your life and let these roses ignite your passion and desire?


Peach or Coral Roses - Symbolize modesty, sweetness, and sincerity

peach color roses


Look no further than the peach or coral rose if you're searching for a flower representing modesty, sweetness, and sincerity. These blooms are more than just visually stunning with their delicate hues and soft petals. They hold a deeper meaning that speaks to the virtues we admire in others, such as humility, kindness, and honesty.


Whether picking out a bouquet for a loved one or planning the floral arrangements for an upcoming event, consider adding peach or coral roses. Not only will they add a touch of elegance and charm, but they'll also symbolize the genuine and heartfelt sentiments behind your gesture.


To sum it all up, roses come in various colors with deep-rooted meanings behind them.

  • Red roses are the traditional symbol of love
  • White roses represent innocence and purity
  • Pink roses indicate gratitude and appreciation
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy
  • Orange roses express passion and desire
  • While peach or coral-colored roses stand for modesty and sincerity


When you give a rose to someone else, it is sure to evoke the right emotion. Whether you give your beloved partner a beautiful bouquet of red roses or send one lone yellow rose to a dear friend, you will make an impact with a fragrant symbol of your love and appreciation. So go ahead, and get ready to smell the sweetness of that powerful love-filled message!

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