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Your loved ones will thank you for it. What's the best way to wish someone a happy birthday? With flowers, of course! Flowers are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. At James Cress Florist, we specialize in creating elegant birthday flower arrangements that will impress. We only use the freshest flowers, so you can be confident that your loved ones will enjoy their happy birthday flowers for days to come. Plus, we offer a convenient online ordering system so you can send happy birthday flowers with just a few clicks.

Flowers Happy Birthday Wishes

Sending happy birthday wishes to that person is a beautiful way to show that you care. Send happy Birthday flower wishes from James Cress Florist! Make the perfect statement and put a smile on their face this year. These beautiful birthday bouquets, crafted with skill and quality, can express everything from sincere love and admiration to happy tidings for a fantastic upcoming year. From vibrant blooms of all colors to wonderfully charming birthday bouquets and more - James Cress Florists has happy birthday wishes with flowers for everyone.

Birthday Flowers for Her and Him

Birthday flowers can offer an excellent way to show someone you care and make their special day even more special. James Cress Florist has put together two collections of Birthday Flowers for both her and him, helping you to select the perfect gift. Birthday Flowers for Her includes top-of-the-line roses, lilies, and other stunning flowers, while Birthday Flowers for Him includes masculine arrangements that are unique yet eye-catching. Make someone's Birthday even more memorable with Birthday Flowers from James Cress Florist!

Birthday Flower Delivery to Long Island

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Birthday Flowers for Each Month at James Cress Florist

Birthday Flowers for Each Month at James Cress Florist Mark the special occasion of a loved one's Birthday with beautiful floral arrangements available

  • January birthdays: January birth flowers typically consist of Carnations and Snowdrops, both of which symbolize love, luck, and happiness. They are associated with January due to their bright colors and fragrant aroma that bring joy to any occasion. Carnations are known for their ability to endure cold temperatures and long-lasting beauty, making them ideal for winter celebrations.
  • February birthdays: can be celebrated with the primrose flower, which symbolizes youth and innocence. Notable figures born on February 15th include English artist J. M. W. Turner and American actor Robin Williams. Primroses come in various colors, from bright yellow to deep purple, perfect for any special occasion.
  • March birthdays: can be celebrated with the daffodil flower a bright and cheerful flower that symbolizes new beginnings. Daffodils are available in various vibrant colors, from golden yellow to white, making them a perfect choice for any special occasion.
  • April birthdays: can be celebrated with the sweetly-scented daisy flower, a symbol of innocence and new beginnings. Daisies come in various colors, from white to pink, making them ideal for any special occasion.
  • May birthdays: can be celebrated with the lily of the valley, which symbolizes sweetness and humility. These lovely flowers come in various colors, from pink to white and even yellow, making them perfect for any occasion. In addition, lilies of the valley have a sweet scent that is said to bring happiness.
  • June birthdays: can be celebrated with a beautiful rose, symbolizing love and affection. Roses come in many colors to suit any occasion, from traditional red to soft pink or even vibrant yellow. In addition, roses have a wonderful scent that will bring a smile to the particular person celebrating their Birthday.
  • July birthdays: July birth flowers typically consist of Larkspur, known for its long stems and dark purple blooms. It symbolizes fickleness and lightheartedness, making it the perfect gift to express joy and happiness. Its vibrant color adds a splash of fun to any occasion.
  • August birthdays: August birth flowers typically consist of Gladiolus, a flower that is said to represent strength and moral character. Gladiolus come in various colors, from deep purple to bright yellow and even pink, making them the perfect choice for expressing joy and happiness. In addition, its tall spikes add a dramatic effect to any bouquet.
  • September birthdays: September birth flowers typically consist of Aster and Forget-me-nots. The Aster symbolizes faith and wisdom, while the Forget-me-not symbolizes remembrance and true love. These two blooms are perfect for expressing appreciation for those special people in your life.
  • October birthdays: October birth flowers typically consist of Marigolds, a flower that symbolizes passion and creativity. These bright orange-yellow blooms add a vibrant touch to any bouquet, while their sweet smell is said to bring happiness and joy. Marigolds come in shades ranging from pale yellow to deep orange, making them the perfect choice for any special occasion.
  • November birthdays: Birth flowers typically consist of Chrysanthemums, symbolizing joy and optimism. In addition, their long-lasting blooms make them ideal for celebrating the life of someone special in your life. There are various colors to choose from that range from white.
  • December birthdays: The flowers typically consist of Poinsettias and Hollyhock. The Poinsettia symbolizes good cheer and success, while the Hollyhock symbolizes ambition and determination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birthday Flowers


Flowers typically given as gifts for birthdays include daffodils, daisies, lilies of the valley, roses, Larkspur, Gladiolus, asters, forget-me-nots, marigolds, chrysanthemums, and poinsettias.


The birth flowers for each month are daffodils (January), daisies (April), lilies of the valley (May), roses (June), Larkspur (July), Gladiolus (August), asters and forget-me-nots (September), marigolds (October), chrysanthemums (November) and poinsettias or hollyhocks (December).


When choosing birth flowers for someone special, consider each flower's meaning and color to match the occasion best.


Birth flowers have special meanings, such as love and appreciation for someone special or joy and optimism.


Birthdays have corresponding flowers to symbolize love, appreciation, joy, and optimism for people celebrating their special day.