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April Birth Flower Meaning: Daisies & Sweet Peas

by Stefan Karatzas 18 Jun 2023

Cover photo showing April's birth flower: daisies

In April, spring begins to bloom; flowers sprout, the sun shines warmer, and garden colors dot the landscape with beautiful floral blooms. With winter fading, like the sun parting the clouds on a cold and dark day, we are drawn out of our homes to bask in the spring weather, but we are not alone! Daisies and sweet peas are joining us under the full sun! Like traditional birthstones, April's birth flowers, the daisy, and the sweet pea, carry a special symbolic meaning.

Not only do both the daisy and the sweet pea represent April's birth flower, but they also make perfect New Baby Flowers Discover the special meaning of sending Birthday Flower Delivery from James Cress Florist. Make the April Birth flower special!

The Daisy

One of April's birth flowers is the daisy, known by its scientific name Bellis perennis, part of the aster family. Daisies symbolize purity, innocence, new beginnings, young love, and the blissful pleasure that is the coming of spring. In literature, beautiful blooms of daisies have been quoted to open at dawn to bask in the sunlight, then to close again at dusk. The daisy is aptly named by its old English moniker - the day's eye, which blooms in various colors: most notably in petals of white, pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow. They can have both a black and a yellow center.

You may have heard of other, more creative names for the daisy, such as bruisewort and woundwort. The flower was named in this way for its medicinal properties; flowers like wild daisies, the English daisy, and other flowers such as the water lily have been used to treat a wide variety of wounds and illnesses as a part of traditional herbal medicine. No matter the name, it's undeniable that these blossoms are beautiful in their simplicity!

Example image of what daisy flowers look like.


The Daisy in History

The Daisy flower has captured folks' imaginations for centuries with its resilient nature, feelings of blissful pleasure, and its purported medical benefits. This flower has been grown in Egyptian gardens for medicinal and decorative purposes in its origins, additionally serving as a remedy for illnesses as a staple of medicinal teas in temperate regions.

So the daisy flower, indeed, has helped us for thousands of years. Here's an interesting note: in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it was widely believed flowers like the water lily and the English daisy could treat a wide variety of diseases, so much so that King Henry VII even relied on eating the blooms to treat his stomach ulcers. Imagine a king ordering dozens of bouquets to munch on their pink and white petals with every meal! Quite a unique choice of a floral dessert if you ask us!


The Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are birth flowers that symbolize good wishes and happiness because of their sweet fragrance and vivid colors. Gifting sweet peas is known throughout the language of flowers as a thoughtful way to thank a friend, family member, or loved one and express appreciation because of its strong association with gratitude. Wouldn't it be perfect to send a beautiful bouquet of these blooms to someone you appreciate? Consider gifting them an attractive bouquet of mixed-colored blooms whose sweetness and many colors balance gratitude and elegance.

Photo of what sweet pea flowers look like.

The Sweet Pea in History

Sweet peas came to southern Italy in the 1600s and were identified by Sicilian naturalist Francesco Cupani. He is said to have sent seeds from sweet peas to Dr. Casper Commelin, a Dutch botanist who subsequently spread them across Europe. Henry Eckford, a Scottish nurseryman, began creating lovely pea hybrid plants in Scotland in the early 1800s, which took the flowers from unnoteworthy flowers into sensational growths. Eckford presented a total of 115 unique sweet pea cultivars, which made up more than half of the known cultivars at the time. Today, sweet peas are a birth flower highly regarded for their color and sweet scent.

The Daisy and The Sweet Pea

April is a lovely time full of vibrant flowers, colors, and sweet scents, including daisies and sweet peas, which are notable in their own ways! From the daisy's bright floral growths to their delightful fragrances, these gems are perfect for capturing loved ones' attention. Daisies reflect pure innocence with soft petals in white, pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow shades. Meanwhile, Sweet Peas bring joy through captivating aromas and colorful hues of blue, white, pink, red, and purple. Each of these birth flowers will stun and impress, so take this season by storm with bright and vibrant tones from the daisy and the sweet pea in your next order of an April birth flower bouquet!

What Do Daisies and Sweet Peas Say About April Babies?

The birth flowers, the daisy and the sweet pea, are connected to bliss, gratitude, and pleasure. This may indicate that those born in April are appreciative, gracious, and thankful for those within their lives, and they are not hesitant to express those feelings themselves. These birth flowers are an excellent gift for those who bring you joy and those who you appreciate.

Floral Highlight: Gerbera Daisies

As one of our most popular flowers at James Cress Florist, Gerbera daisies are the perfect gift for brightening someone's day. With their stunning color varieties and extended vase life, these flowers make the ideal gift for a lasting impression that will surely be remembered! From bright whites to pastel pinks to vibrant oranges, reds, and purples, it's nigh impossible to deny the gerbera daisy's charm! Users can explore many more options in this timeless floral species, which has rightfully earned the title 'fifth most giant flower worldwide.'

April birth month flower FAQs


The birth flowers, Daisy and Sweet Pea, symbolize different meanings. The Daisy birth flower symbolizes purity and represents innocence, loyalty, and new beginnings. The Sweet Pea birth flower has vibrant colors and symbolizes gratitude and represents graciousness, good wishes, thankfulness, and appreciation. These birthday flowers make excellent gifts for your recipients to brighten up their day, be it a birthday for people born in April, a holiday, or any other occasion deserving of a flower bouquet! Their colorful petals, beautiful hues, and many colors will make their day.


Daisies and Sweet Peas make excellent flower additions to your floral arrangement and can even make a stunning statement in a design all on their own. Daisies and sweet peas make perfect gifts both to friends, family, partners, and loved ones, and additionally make excellent bright & vibrant home décor, making wonderful central statement pieces to kitchens, living rooms, and any other part of the home or business that you think could use a bit of floral sunshine!

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