Career Opportunities: Work with Flowers

Learn about James Cress Florist: Rooted in rich history and family values, James Cress Florist has been a beacon of floral artistry for generations. Our mission is ambitious yet heartfelt – to deliver 1 billion smiles through our exquisite floral creations.

We invite you to join our journey, where passion for floristry and customer delight intertwine.

1. Master Wedding Floral Designer

Create and innovate unique wedding floral designs that capture clients' visions and themes. Conduct in-depth consultations with clients, ensuring personalized service and understanding their specific needs. Lead and mentor a team of designers, promoting a culture of creativity, craftsmanship, and customer focus. Stay updated on the latest trends in wedding floristry and incorporate innovative ideas into designs. Manage inventory and order specialty supplies for wedding events. Oversee the execution of floral arrangements on the wedding day, ensuring flawless setup and presentation. Foster relationships with event planners, venues, and vendors to enhance business opportunities.

2. Floral Arrangement Specialist

Design and create a wide range of floral arrangements for various occasions, ensuring each piece meets our quality and aesthetic standards. Provide expert advice and suggestions to customers, enhancing their shopping experience. Collaborate with the design team to develop new arrangement styles and themes. Participate in training sessions to refine skills and learn new techniques. Assist in managing inventory and ensuring the availability of fresh flowers and supplies. Contribute to the maintenance of a clean and organized workspace.

3. Customer Service & Sales Associate

Offer warm, knowledgeable, and efficient customer service, ensuring an excellent shopping experience. Assist customers in selecting floral products, providing information about care and maintenance. Handle phone orders and in-person transactions with accuracy and professionalism. Resolve customer inquiries and complaints with empathy and effectiveness. Maintain the visual appeal and organization of the sales floor. Participate in product knowledge sessions to stay informed about our offerings.

4. Delivery & Logistics Coordinator

Coordinate and oversee the delivery schedule, ensuring punctuality and efficiency. Monitor the condition of delivery vehicles and manage route planning. Liaise with the design team to confirm order details and special instructions. Provide excellent customer service during deliveries, embodying the brand's values. Address and resolve any delivery-related issues promptly. Maintain accurate records of deliveries and obtain customer feedback to improve service quality.

5. Event Setup Crew Member

Execute event setup with attention to detail, ensuring each floral display accurately reflects the intended design. Collaborate with the design team for a clear understanding of the event layout and floral arrangement requirements. Handle the transportation and careful placement of floral arrangements at event venues. Assist in the post-event breakdown and cleanup, ensuring venues are left in pristine condition. Provide on-site support and troubleshooting during events.

6. Apprentice Florist

Learn floral design and arrangement techniques under the guidance of experienced florists. Assist with daily operational tasks, including preparation of materials and maintaining workspace cleanliness. Develop skills in customer service by interacting with clients and understanding their preferences. Participate actively in workshops and training sessions offered by the florist. Contribute to the team during peak seasons by preparing basic arrangements and fulfilling orders.

7. Marketing & Social Media Manager

Develop strategic marketing plans to enhance brand presence and customer engagement. Create and curate engaging content for social media platforms and the company website. Coordinate promotional events, campaigns, and collaborations to increase brand visibility. Analyze market trends and customer feedback, adjusting marketing strategies accordingly. Manage the marketing budget and track ROI of various campaigns. Foster relationships with influencers and media to promote the brand.

8. Floral Supply & Inventory Manager

Oversee inventory management of flowers, supplies, and tools, ensuring optimal stock levels. Negotiate with suppliers to secure the best quality products at favorable prices. Implement and maintain inventory control systems to minimize waste and loss. Work closely with the design team to predict demand and plan inventory accordingly. Conduct regular audits and analyses of inventory for efficiency improvements.

9. Greenhouse Technician

Cultivate a diverse range of flowers and plants, focusing on quality and sustainability. Monitor plant health, applying treatments and pest management strategies as needed. Manage greenhouse environmental controls, including temperature, humidity, and irrigation. Assist in the development and testing of new plant varieties and cultivation techniques. Record and analyze data on plant growth and health, contributing to continuous improvement.