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July Birth Flowers (Official Types & Meanings)

by Stefan Karatzas 18 Jun 2023

July has official birth flowers known for their bright colors and lasting blooms. There are both day and night blooming flowers, each with its scent. The July birth flowers are the lark and water lily.

July Birth Flower Meaning

What is the July birth flower, and what does it represent? Interested in its significance and beauty?

The Larkspur – Meaning & Symbolism

Larkspur flowers represent the first birth month of July. Larkspur Delphinium belongs to the genus named Larkspur, and these terms were usually interchanged.

The term delphinium genus larkspur originated in the Tudor dynasty, a reminiscent crucial religious symbol of the birth flower blooming. Based on Greek mythology, July's birth flower blossoming started with the battle of the Troy army in which Jacob's blood was spilled.


Brief History and Name Origin of Larkspur

July birthday flowers are sometimes called lark heel, or lark's heel, heel, lark knight, lark knight's spur, lark's claw, spur, claw, and lily knight spurs. The larkspur name is related to the shaped flowers' spur-shaped petals, similar to the feet of Larkbirds. According to Greek mythology, the original larkspur plant was planted there, and Ajax was killed in Troy.

The larkspur species was previously part of the Delphinium species until it was merged into Consolida within the Ranunculus botanical family. The exact time of the flowering in the birth month flower July is still being determined since it has no known origin.


Meanings and Symbolism of a Larkspur Flower

The Larkspur flower is a known symbol typically for the July birth flower flowers attributed to love, happiness, romanticism, and positivity. However, July birth flowers have many meanings depending on the color. Pink Larkspur Flowers represents contempt and disagreement.

On the opposite hand, purple, white, and blue larkspurs are portrayed as happy, fun, or easygoing natures on a slightly different scale. Larkspur blue is the most commonly used color. The purple flower symbolizes love and affection, while the blue symbolizes love, honor, and respect.


The Water Lily – Meaning & Symbolism

The water Lily is the 2nd most recognized flower, officially the two birth flowers of the month. Like the Larkspur, the water lily blooms are well-known among cultures. The first water lily lingering bloom is considered sacred, and the lily is a holy element of Hinduism and Buddhist culture.

Roses symbolize regeneration and new beginnings. As the pink blossoms emerge from the dirt, the first yellow blossoms also represent illumination. Occasionally waterlily flower means pure and beautiful.


Buying Tips for July Birthday Flowers: Larkspurs

The Larkspur has many colors and makes stunning flowers for a unique and fabulous floral gift. You can send her flowers for July or for Mother's Day from Woodbury Florist. Flowers are a excellent way to combine different meanings and many colors in one floral bouquet arrangement.

When purchasing white Larkspurs, the best fresh flowers are essential. Never buy larkspurs with excessive rot and a weakened leaf or pest infestation. The plants can also use anti-ethylene products if the products are not formulated adequately before a chemical test.


Larkspur: July Birth Flower Meaning

As the official birth of the national flower name, the national flower name July Delphia has been recognized birthday flower widely admired and considered the best summer bouquet delivery for all those born in July. Delphinium represents love and joy.

Beautiful flowers attract joy and beauty to the world and the people they love. Note: These beauty products are poisons, too, and need to be treated carefully. Touching this plant can be very painful, but consuming Larkspur can lead to death for people and animals.


Water Lily: July Birth Flower Meaning

The water lily is full of gorgeous flowers that bloom three to four days before they sink below the water lily's surface and is thus a symbol of rebirth and enlightenment as these water lilies are open and closed daily.

This of water lilies is a beautiful pond addition, and the water lily is rarely incorporated into bouquets. Water lilies are generally white and symbolic. Tell me about the blue water lily, July's birth, and the birth flower and how these water lily flowers signify rebirth. Why does that one water lilies flower stand out?


The horoscope for July is Cancer(June 21st -July 22nd)

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July- Birthstone

In July, the first birthstone ruby is followed by onyx or turquoise. Despite its dazzling appearance, graceful shapes, and imported colors, it is widely known as a gem. Therefore, it's no surprise that rubies command the highest value for any colored birthstone.

Before gemological equipment could identify gemstones correctly, spinel and rhodolite garnet were misdiagnosed for rubies. Currently, there are advanced methods for detecting rubies. I can't imagine how precious it would have been if he had opened a treasured bag. 

FAQs About Julys Birth Flower

What is the July birth flower?

The July birth flower is the Water Lily. It symbolizes purity, joy, and innocence while helping to strengthen aquatic and tropical ecosystems. The white Larkspur is also a July birth flower representing love and happiness. Additionally, rubies are the traditional birthstone for those born in July.

What are the symbolism and meaning of the July birth flower?

The water lily is the July birth flower, symbolizing purity, joy, and innocence. The white Larkspur also symbolizes love and happiness. Rubies are the traditional birthstone for those born in July, signifying protection and abundance. Water lilies represent rebirth and enlightenment as they bloom each day before sinking below the water's surface. This makes them a great representation of new beginnings, a reminder to keep growing despite setbacks or difficulties. Additionally, rubies provide a sense of protection while also representing abundance. Both flowers can bring forth feelings of comfort in difficult times!

What are the color varieties of the July birth flower?

The July birth flower, the water lily, is usually white. The Larkspur can come in various colors, such as blue, purple, and pink. Rubies are the birth month flowers, traditionally red but can also come in shades of pink to purple.

How do I care for my July birth flower?

To care for your July birth flower, keep it in an area with indirect sunlight and ensure the soil always remains moist. It is crucial to fertilize your plant occasionally with a balanced fertilizer and trim any dead leaves or stems. Additionally, place the pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water so the roots absorb the extra water, resulting in healthier plants. Finally, avoid overwatering, leading to root rot and weak stems.

Where can I buy a July birth flower?

You can buy the July birth flower from James Cress Florist, A local online florist offering flower delivery services to the US and the lower 48 states. Water lilies and larkspur seeds may also be available online or at your local gardening store. Also, rubies are widely available in online and brick-and-mortar jewelry stores.

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