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by Stefan Karatzas 18 Jun 2023

Netflix's new show, Wednesday, follows a group of students navigating all that comes with attending a mysterious school called the Nevermore Academy. It follows Wednesday, her family, and her friends as they go on magical adventures while learning lessons and growing together. But what flower would each character have received when they started school at the Nevermore Academy?


Wednesday Addams – Black Lotus

The black lotus is associated with purity and innocence. This flower reflects Wednesday's independent nature and curiosity for discovering new things. Despite her dark outlook on life, she finds joy in uncovering life's mysteries and pushing boundaries to find answers.


Pugsley Addams – Daisy

The daisy symbolizes loyalty and innocence, two qualities that Pugsley exhibits throughout the show. He is fiercely loyal to his sister Wednesday no matter what trouble she gets them into, and always stands by her side. His innocence stems from his being younger than his peers, but it also reflects his trusting nature regarding people he loves, like Wednesday or his parents.


Lucas De Luca – Carnation

The carnation is a flower that symbolizes admiration and love, which accurately describes Lucas' feelings towards Wednesday throughout the show. Even though they are constantly bickering with each other, Lucas admires Wednesday because of her brave spirit and willingness to take risks to protect those she cares about most.


Morticia Addams – Black Rose

The black rose is associated with death and rebirth, reflecting Morticia's motherly nature. She is nurturing yet strict regarding raising her children but also allows them enough freedom to make their own mistakes so that they can learn from them and grow into their unique individuals.


Lurch – Sunflower

The sunflower symbolizes loyalty, which perfectly embodies Lurch's relationship with the rest of the Addams family. He serves as a bodyguard for them whenever needed. Still, he never takes away from allowing them their independence either - instead, helping more of a protective role in their lives than anything else.


Uncle Fester – Snapdragon

The snapdragon represents strength which accurately means Uncle Fester's attitude towards life overall - he always encourages everyone around him to push forward despite any obstacles or hardships that come their way.


Gomez Addams – Gerbera Daisy

The gerbera daisy symbolizes cheerfulness, which perfectly reflects Gomez's personality throughout the show ideally - he is always trying to put a smile on everyone's face, even when it gets tricky.


Grandmama – Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment, accurately portraying Grandmama's wisdom throughout the show - she often gives sage advice no matter what kind of trouble everyone finds themselves in.


Thing – Rose

The rose is associated with passion, reflecting Thing's enthusiasm for adventure whenever he accompanies someone on one of their missions. The Thing never backs down from excitement or danger, no matter how dangerous it may be.

 Thing’s favorite flower: the rose. This is an image of the favorite flower of Thing from Nevermore Academy.

From white lilies to roses, each flower given out by the Nevermore Academy represents something unique about each character on Netflix's hit series Wednesday. While some characters stand out for their courage or loyalty, others embody beauty or wisdom; regardless of what flower each character received when starting school at Nevermore Academy, each one perfectly encapsulates something special about each character that makes them unique! They are all part of why this show has been such a success!

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