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Lana Del Rey Flowers: A Deeper Dive into the Symbolism

by Nicholas Karatzas 19 Jun 2023

Lana Del Rey sitting in a flower-filled throne holding a flower bouquet.

Lana Del Rey has a long history of using flowers as symbols in her music and art. From the daisy-covered cover of her 2012 EP, Paradise, to the blooming roses on the artwork for her 2019 album Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Lana purposefully incorporates floral motifs, often with significant symbolic meaning.

In this blog post, we will dive deeper into Lana Del Rey's flower symbolism and explore its meaning and purpose within her work. So join us as we explore what lies behind each petal and uncover the hidden messages contained in Lana's florals.

Lana Del Rey's art often features flowers.

Lana Del Rey's significance as an artist lies in her distinct blend of vintage imagery and melancholy lyrics. Her use of flowers is one aspect of her art that has captivated many fans. 


Lana's style is inspired by flowers, like the ones on the cover of her album Born to Die and the roses and daisies she mentions in her songs. But what do these botanical symbols mean? In this blog, we'll dive deeper into the world of Lana Del Rey flowers, exploring their hidden meanings and cultural contexts.

Lana Del Rey often uses the rose to symbolize love and beauty.

The rose is one of the most common flowers in Lana Del Rey's work. This classic symbol of love and beauty has appeared in several of her songs, from God Knows I Tried to Carmen. But beyond its obvious connotations, the rose holds a deeper significance in many cultures.

In ancient Rome, the rose symbolized secrecy and confidentiality. It may be fitting for an artist who is known for being mysterious. The rose represents maternal love and sacrifice in Christian iconography and symbolizes the Virgin Mary. For Lana, the rose may carry echoes of these broader cultural meanings, adding complexity and depth to her lyrics.

Lana Del Rey Daisy, and new beginnings.

Another flower frequently appearing in Lana Del Rey's work is Daisy. The flower is a symbol that Lana often uses in her song Video Games. The song is about playing video games in her partner's favorite sundress while drinking beer. 

The flower was portrayed in a humble and understated manner. The lyrics also mentioned undressing, going downtown, and putting on perfume before leaning in for a kiss.

In many cultures, Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity but can also represent new beginnings and fresh starts. It may be a nod to Lana's journey as an artist, rising from obscurity to become a household name. 

Lana Del Rey's Orange Blossoms

Of course, many other flowers appear in Lana Del Rey's music and imagery. In the song Lust for Life, Lana Del Rey describes climbing the letter H of the Hollywood sign and feeling a sense of empowerment, even temporarily. The verse contains romantic and mysterious vibes that take us back to Hollywood's golden era.

In the song's next line, the connection is made to flowers. The lyrics are, I'm keeping it soft, just chillin' like a villain. I know you have no clue what are you trying? 

Here, the word tying refers to the things of orange blossoms, a traditional floral adornment used in wedding flowers in the 1800s. Lana invokes a sense of timeless romance and elegance by mentioning these blossoms.


Flowers have always been special in human culture, representing everything from love and beauty to mortality and rebirth. For Lana Del Rey, these botanical symbols are a powerful tool for evoking emotion and creating an atmosphere in her music. 

Exploring the hidden meanings of these flowers can help us better appreciate Lana's artistry and the complexity of her work. Whether you're a diehard fan or a casual listener, exploring the world of Lana Del Rey flowers is a rewarding journey.

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