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What Flowers Would Miley Cyrus Want in Her Song Flowers

by Stefan Karatzas 18 Jun 2023

Miley Cyrus’s new song, Flowers, from her upcoming album Endless Summer Vacation has been a hit on the Billboard since its debut. It makes us wonder what flowers Miley would want in her song. Here's a list of some of the flowers that Miley Cyrus is probably thinking about in her song.

Photo of Miley Cyrus with roses celebrating her song “Flowers”.

The Daisy:

The daisy flower symbolizes innocence and purity, which is something Miley definitely references in her song. She sings I'm gonna be your flower, I'm gonna be your light/ I'm gonna rise up higher than the clouds tonight, which implies she is offering something pure and innocent to someone who needs it most. The daisy signifies loyal love and friendship and certainly encapsulates the message behind this song.

The Rose:

The rose has been a popular flower for centuries and is especially associated with love and romance. This could be because roses come in many colors, each with its own unique meaning — yellow roses represent friendship, white roses signify innocence and purity, while red roses typically symbolize romantic love. Given that Miley sings about a special kind of love in her hit single Flowers - one that transcends even death - it would not be surprising to see the rose featured prominently in the lyrics or music video for this track.

The Sunflower:

Sunflowers are known for their cheerful disposition and bright appearance - perfect for conveying optimism and joy. This is exactly what we get from Miley when she sings about rising up higher than the clouds tonight. Sunflowers also bring warmth just like sunshine does on a summer day - something that can definitely be felt from this upbeat single!

No matter what type of flower might have inspired Miley Cyrus’s hit single Flowers we can all agree that it embodies beauty, hope, optimism, and joy - all things that everyone could use more of right now! If you haven’t heard this song yet, then check it out today – it will make you feel ready to take on anything that comes your way! And if you ever need an extra boost of positivity, then don't forget to look at these lovely flowers for inspiration!

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