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35 Festive Christmas Centerpieces to Charm Your Holiday Table

by Stefan Karatzas 29 Nov 2023

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to deck the halls and make your home merry and bright. One of the most eye-catching features of any festive gathering is a beautifully adorned Christmas table.

With 35 charming Christmas centerpiece arrangements and ideas to choose from, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday celebrations, whether they’re casual family get-togethers or elegant dinner parties.

Key Takeaways

  • Create festive, cozy, classic, and elegant centerpieces for your holiday table with candles, greenery, Christmas flowers & more.

  • Get creative with upcycled materials or DIY projects to make unique Christmas decorations.

  • Choose kid-friendly designs or themed centerpieces to match personal style.

Festive Candle Arrangements

Festive candle arrangement with boxwood greens and lantern candles


Picture the soft light from candles dancing on your Christmas table, encircled by vibrant greenery and glimmering ornaments. Festive candle arrangements, such as the Northwest Pillar and Cape Cod, can make your holiday decor warm and inviting by combining pillar candles, votives, and tea lights with greenery and other holiday accents.

For a round table, consider a tray or a cake stand with a white and green floral composition, a central bouquet with a variety of green and white flowers and foliage, and tall olive green twisted taper candles in plain candlesticks. Add a festive touch with pine twigs, artificial snow, gold starbursts, mercury glass votives, and silver ornaments.

Rustic Christmas Centerpieces

Rustic Christmas centerpiece with pinecones and wood slices

Bring the charm of the countryside to your holiday table with rustic Christmas centerpieces. Natural elements like:

  • pinecones

  • wood slices

  • burlap

  • galvanized metal containers

Filled with seasonal greenery and flowers, an airy dining room can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere on your dining table. The Organic Elegance Christmas centerpiece, Pine Cone Mini Tree centerpiece, and Modern Winter centerpiece are just a few examples of the many rustic centerpiece options available.

For a more sophisticated rustic centerpiece, include LED candles, use natural materials, and keep to a simple color palette while adding a variety of heights for depth.

Classic Red and Green Centerpieces

Nothing says Christmas like the classic red and green color palette. Create a timeless holiday look with fresh flowers, berries, ornaments, and ribbons in these festive colors. For a white Christmas twist, combine elements like:

  • pine

  • incense cedar

  • eucalyptus pods

  • bright red ranunculus

  • red carnations

In a brass vase to create a stunning centerpiece for your Christmas table.

For a festive twist, fill a vase with poinsettias and fresh greenery, combining ‘Gold Rush’ poinsettias with a potted ‘Winter Rose White’ poinsettia. If you prefer to stray from tradition, consider incorporating vivid hues like blue, chartreuse, or magenta into your centerpiece.

Elegant Winter Wonderland Centerpieces

Elegant winter wonderland centerpiece with white flowers and frosted pinecones

Transform your table into a winter wonderland with elegant centerpieces featuring white flowers, frosted pinecones, faux snow, and sparkling accents. For an elegant winter centerpiece, use frosted pinecones, green hydrangea, pears, and white amaryllis nestled into a length of faux pine, or place a glass cylinder filled with fake snow and greenery on your dining table. Add gold-toned candlesticks and vases of varying heights on a simple table runner, white narcissus, tulips, and evergreen sprigs to create an enchanting winter scene. Consider adding LED fairy lights for a touch of magic and sparkle.

Fruit-Inspired Centerpieces

For a unique and colorful twist on your holiday table, incorporate fresh fruits like oranges, apples, and pomegranates into your Christmas centerpieces. The Tower of Apples centerpiece features a glass jar filled with green apples, accompanied by loose greens, ball ornaments, and candles of varying sizes, all arranged atop a beveled edge mirror.

For a citrus centerpiece, make small holes in oranges and insert whole cloves in the shape you want, add whole star anise for a geometric pattern, and display the final product in an appealing container. You can make sugared fruit easily! Just dip fresh apples, pears, and grapes in whipped egg whites and sprinkle them with turbinado sugar. Allow the fruits to dry overnight and enjoy.

Vintage-Inspired Centerpieces

Travel back in time with vintage-inspired Christmas centerpieces that evoke nostalgia and charm. Use antique containers, heirloom ornaments, and classic holiday motifs to create a centerpiece that transports you to holidays past. The Tiny Trees centerpiece is a perfect example, using small ornaments and bells, citrus and nandina, and fresh greenery for a vintage feel.

Using vintage stemware can bring a unique touch to a centerpiece garland of greens and red berries, embellished with nuts or other delights, and decorated with taper candles.

Minimalist Centerpieces

If you prefer modern simplicity, minimalist centerpieces may be the ideal choice for your holiday table. Clean lines, neutral colors, and understated holiday accents can create a sophisticated centerpiece that doesn’t overpower your dining room.

Looking for Christmas centerpiece ideas? One minimalist option is to:

  • Use a green table runner.

  • Place gold loop taper candlesticks filled with dark green candles.

  • Scatter a collection of metallic gold Christmas trees of varying shapes and sizes down the middle.

Including greens, creams, and silver accents can lend a modern, rustic aesthetic to your Christmas table.

Coastal Christmas Centerpieces

Bring the beach to your holiday table with coastal Christmas centerpieces that feature:

  • Seashells

  • Starfish

  • Nautical elements

  • Traditional greenery

  • Candles

Incorporate seaside-inspired pieces such as maritime flags or beachy variations of classic coastal decor to create a unique and festive centerpiece.

Using evergreens, shells, driftwood, and coastal ornaments like seashells, seahorses, and starfish can help you craft a coastal holiday centerpiece that evokes the seaside ambiance.

Creative Upcycled Centerpieces

Embrace eco-friendly holiday decor by upcycling everyday items like mason jars, wine bottles, and tin cans into creative Christmas centerpieces. This option is not only budget-friendly, but it also gives you an opportunity to display your creativity and unique style.

Mason jars can be used in various ways to create festive holiday decor, such as:

  • Filling them with snow and decorating them with seasonal adornments

  • Coating them with a thin layer of glue and sprinkling them with glitter and Epsom salt to create a snowy effect

  • Using them as candle holders for a cozy and festive centerpiece

The possibilities are endless when you repurpose common household items into unique and eye-catching holiday decor, including transforming them into stunning christmas decor.

DIY Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Create your own DIY Christmas tree centerpieces using resources like paper, felt, or pinecones for a festive and cost-effective table display. Options include creating 3D gingerbread Christmas trees, pinecone trees, or even using artificial trees from a craft store.

These DIY centerpieces can be adorned with ornaments, LED lights, or antique wooden tree forms to create a stunning diy centerpiece on your dinner table. Personalize your creation by adding fruit, rosemary, and other greenery to match your preferred theme and style.

Floral Christmas Centerpieces

Add a splash of color to your holiday table with floral Christmas centerpieces. Seasonal blooms like amaryllis, roses, and tulips can be combined with evergreens and berries to create a beautiful and festive display. Gold and black color schemes are popular for Christmas centerpieces, and you can incorporate LED pillar candles, gold-dipped ornaments filled with sparkly baubles, and small presents wrapped with gold and black wrapping paper for an elegant and captivating centerpiece.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, an elegant centerpiece like floral arrangements is a versatile and stylish option for your holiday table.

Festive Table Runners

Enhance your table setting with festive table runners that display holiday patterns, greenery, or twinkling lights. Popular patterns for festive table runners during the holiday season include warm seasonal colors, cute and simple designs, and quilted patterns.

To incorporate greenery into your table runner, you can:

  • Create bundles of different greens and attach them with floral wire.

  • Add magnolia branches, fruit, pinecones, and candles to provide a more festive touch.

  • Incorporate LED fairy lights, which offer a twinkling effect and are safe for indoor use.

These ideas will add charm and a touch of nature to your table setting.

Kid-Friendly Centerpieces

Keep the children engaged and happy with kid-friendly Christmas centerpieces. Playful elements like gingerbread houses, candy canes, and colorful ornaments create a fun and engaging atmosphere for young guests.

Other examples of kid-friendly centerpieces include gingerbread jars and 3D gingerbread Christmas trees. By creating a centerpiece that appeals to children, you’ll ensure that your holiday table is enjoyable for guests of all ages.

Themed Centerpieces

Choose a specific theme for your Christmas centerpieces to create a cohesive and stylish holiday table. Whether you prefer farmhouse, Scandinavian, or boho themes, a themed centerpiece will ensure a well-coordinated and visually appealing display.

For a gold and black Christmas centerpiece, use LED pillar candles, gold-dipped ornaments filled with sparkly baubles, and small presents wrapped with gold and black wrapping paper to create a stunning holiday display. By selecting a theme that complements your personal style and holiday decor, you’ll create a memorable and festive atmosphere for your guests.

DIY Wreath Centerpieces

Design your own DIY wreath centerpieces using fresh or faux greenery, ornaments, and candles for a festive and adaptable holiday display. Wreath centerpieces can be easily customized to match your preferred theme and style, and are an excellent option for those who enjoy crafting and personalizing their holiday decor.

Follow a simple tutorial from websites like A Piece of Rainbow or Pinterest to create a stunning DIY wreath centerpiece. Here are some materials you can use:

  • Wire wreath frames

  • Ribbon

  • Moss

  • Foliage

  • Pine

  • Dried orange slices

  • Pine cones

  • Red berries

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Ornaments

  • LED lights


In conclusion, creating a charming Christmas centerpiece for your holiday table is an enjoyable and rewarding way to showcase your creativity and personal style. With options ranging from festive candle arrangements to DIY wreath centerpieces, there’s a perfect centerpiece idea for every home and gathering. So, gather your materials, explore different styles and themes, and start crafting the perfect holiday centerpiece to make your festive celebrations truly unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a centerpiece?

Creating a centerpiece doesn't need to be an expensive task. Get creative by selecting some items you already have around the home, such as lanterns, candles, or vintage books, and add interest with a few flowers in different colors. Insert floral foam in a chosen vase and arrange it with tight, full arrangements. For a natural touch, set the vases down inside bark cylinder sleeves.

How to make a centerpiece for Christmas?

Create a beautiful Christmas centerpiece by arranging five votive candles in a row on a red rectangular serving dish, filling it with cranberries, and garnishing it with pine twigs and artificial snow.

What are some popular materials for rustic Christmas centerpieces?

For a rustic Christmas centerpiece, pinecones, wood slices, burlap, and galvanized metal containers are popular choices that can be filled with seasonal greenery and flowers.

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