Best Selling Plant Arrangements

Looking for a gift for the plant lover in your life? Explore our collection of Best Selling Plants and find the perfect choice! From unique orchids to flowering baskets and lush green potted plants, we have something for everyone. Surprise them with a gift that will bring a permanent smile.

Send the Best Plants!

It's easy and convenient to celebrate special occasions on your calendar with our top-selling plants. James Cress Florist offers thriving and lush gifts that can convey messages like 'happy birthday' or 'get well soon'. This year, send a gift that will last long after the festivities are over.

Choosing the perfect plant to express your sincere sentiments is a breeze when you know where to shop. For your next special occasion, consider sending a popular orchid, flowering plant, bonsai, or green potted plant that is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Best Selling Orchids

A sophisticated and elegant orchid is perfect for conveying messages like 'thank you' or 'congratulations'. Orchids symbolize beauty and can enhance the ambiance of any home or office.

Best Selling Flowering Plants

Gardenias, roses, and mums are just a few examples of the popular plants available through James Cress Florist. If you're still unsure, consider sending a bloom in their favorite color!

Best Selling Bonsai

Each bonsai is a unique treasure that your special someone will enjoy for years to come. Sculpting and caring for a bonsai is part of the fun and experience.

Best Selling Green Potted Plants

A carefully chosen potted plant can become a focal point in any room. Take into account the recipient's home style when selecting the perfect pot or basket.