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Wedding Buzz 2023: Top Wedding Trends in 2023

by Nicholas Karatzas 06 Sep 2023

👰 Wedding Buzz 2023

💡 Highlights

Naomi Biden's Influence: First granddaughter’s White House wedding leaves a lasting impression on 2023 wedding trends. Think longer veils and Grace Kelly-inspired bridal looks.

📈 Trending Up

  • Midday Ceremonies: The perfect solution to energized evening parties.
  • Wild Welcome Parties: All about that first impression. Bonus points for immersion.
  • Dramatic Ceilings: Elevate your décor – literally.
  • Over-The-Top Cakes: Bigger and more personalized. Yum and wow.
  • Statement Aisles: Make every step memorable.
  • Color: Go bold or go home.
  • Intimate Ceremonies: Keep it close-knit, then party it up.
  • Grace Kelly-Inspired Bridal Style: Classic is back in vogue.
  • Tableside Charcuterie: Feast your eyes (and mouth).
  • Speakeasy-Inspired After-Parties: Because who doesn't love a good surprise?

📉 Trending Down

  • Wedding Hashtags: Move over hashtags, stories are stealing the spotlight.
  • Uniform Bridesmaid Dresses: Variety is the new black.
  • Standing Wedding Parties: Comfort first.
  • Welcome Bags: Swap those totes for personal touches.
  • Extravagant Escort Card Walls: Simplify, then amplify.
  • Signature Cocktails: Dive deep into drink experiences.
  • Fireworks: Save some bucks and the environment.

🔍 Final Take:

2023's wedding trends are all about the experience – authentic, environmentally conscious, and memorable. From the first step on a statement aisle to the last sip at a speakeasy-inspired after-party, it's a year of transformative trends.

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